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    We provide low cost affordable Duplicate Bridge web sites. Directors can  publish their duplicate games, boards, bridge  leagues, links page, hands page and or hands from Dealmaster Pro©.  Upload pictures graphics  almost any bridge related information you desire. If you know a director who would like to make their games available on the internet please tell the director about View out Clubs page to see sample sites.

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bullet$ 5.95
bulletSmall Club Special one to four game sections per week. (payable semi-annually)
bullet$ 9.95
bulletStandard Club five or more game sections per week. (payable Quarterly)
bulletYour Own name option.
bulletYou can have your own domain name and stand alone web. For an additional cost of $ 14.95 per year.
bulletSeasonal Clubs
bulletSpecial Arrangements can be made for Seasonal Clubs that are open for only part of the year.


Bridge Clubs


Links to Duplicate  bridge games and results webs built by

bulletWorthy Bridge Links


Bridge Voyages is part of Online Vacation Center which is a 30 year old public company that averages 10,000 cabin bookings a year.  We operate ACBL Sanctioned Silver Point Sectional-at-Sea bridge cruises year round
bulletLink to American Contract Bridge League
bullet Have a Question about a ruling?
bulletGreat Bridge Links
bulletKaren's Bridge Library (great Link!!!)
bulletBridge7. Learning and improving bridge with numerous exercises, tests and free software.
bulletNo Waiting!
bulletGames available on the web immediately
bulletDirectors Admin Page.
bulletYou have full control of your web site through your Admin Page access by a username and password.
bulletEditable Marquee
bulletA sliding marquee on your main page that can be used in any way you wish. Game changes. Special Games. Congratulations for winners. Etc...
bulletAdditional Editable Message area on your home page
bulletAn area for you to place any information you need to for your club.
bulletLocations and game times.
bulletGame times and locations can be edited, added and deleted.
bullet Icon will bring up a map to your location.  Driving directions can be generated from players location to your game.
bulletEasy posting and deleting of games.
bulletUpload games, boards, Swiss teams created with ACBLSCORE©
bulletWeb site created immediately
bulletStart using your web today. Just complete the Create your web form and your web will be ready in minutes.
bulletYour directors can post your games.
bullet Anyone you authorize with your username and password can post a game from any computer connected to the web.
bulletYou can upload the individual boards results.
bulletMany players are interested in what happened on a particular board.  Uploading the boards are just as easy as uploading the game. And players love them.
bulletCreate Your Own additional Web Pages.
bulletWith BridgeScore's On-Line editor you can create almost any additional pages you require.
bulletBuilt-in templates for Bridge Leagues, Hands, Link Pages.
bulletUpload Pictures and or graphics for your pages.
bulletUpload output from DmPro Dealmaster©.
bulletAsk us for a list of what some of our clubs have done.
bulletDo you already have a web site?
bulletNo Problem.  You can place a link to your Scores page on your existing site that will re-direct players to their scores.
bullet Feedback form.
bulletComments suggestions form when filled out is emailed to your main email address.




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